Nether Liberton - An Historic Corner of Edinburgh

The old village of Nether Liberton lies on the southern approaches to the Scottish capital. It is actually one of four divisions of the old parish of Liberton, comprising Kirk Liberton, at the top of Liberton Brae, Over or Upper Liberton, the area around Liberton Tower, Liberton Dams, at the foot of the Brae, and Nether Liberton itself, the northernmost part of the parish, and is situated at the junction of the Gilmerton Road and the Liberton Road.


Records of Nether Liberton, orginally part of the ancient barony of Craigmillar, date back to the times of King David I of Scotland. Later, the lands of Nether Liberton were granted by King David II to Sir William Ramsey of Dalwolsey (Dalhousie), after he had helped the King defeat the English at the Battle of Nisbet in 1369. Sir William's grandfather had actually been a signatory to the great Declaration of Arbroath, the document asserting Scotland's right to exist as a free nation.

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With the recent addition of new properties at Old Mill Court on the site of the former petrol station, the population of the Nether Liberton area is again on the increase. But perhaps that is only to be expected of such a charming and well-appointed suburb, with its easy access to town, and to semi-rural walks and fields alike.

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